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Thread: meeting new people

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    Question meeting new people

    how to meet new people and make friends and make relationships?

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    join a gym or join some other class. people dont tend to trust other random people. so things like talkin to people in a bar and all wont work here.

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    How to make frnds on internet.

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    Hi Sarbani.. Its true that in India, people dont trust people that easily.. only if you meet someone in a class or workshop or gym or something, people will trust you enough to talk to you..people you meet in a bar and all, that works only in other countries..Indians are more mistrustful here..

    Hi Sameer... what is your purpose for making friends on the internet..? You could make friends anywhere.. so what is your purpose for making friends specifically on the internet???

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    making friends with whom I can chat and share. Apparently meeting them in person after gaining some trust. I usually avoid social places so going to gym and all that stuff wont work out for me.

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    making friends and relationship.

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    I 'll tell u..

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    Try joining some classes where you can find new people,join some dance class or music class or you may also join some book reading clubs

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    meeting new people is not that hard,you can join various groups on facebook or you can join some activity like dancing,drawing or may something in which you have interest when yoou join such things you will automatically get to meet people and that too people who have same interest as you

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    may be joining some class to keep yourself busy in some kind of activity and if you join some class you would not only keep yourself busy but you will also get to learn new things and meet new people get to talk with new people understand different attitude of various people and this will help you a lot

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