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Thread: cost of maid

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    cost of maid

    How much do maids charge for working full time? When I asked my neighbours, all had different answers so I would like to know how much should I give a full time maid? I live in Rajouri Garden.

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    Arushi Sahai's Avatar Member
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    Actually it depends on the area but as you stay in Rajouri Garden, the askance rate there is 600 for a work. Fulltime maids generally charge much higher as they have to be there for the whole day. So besides giving 600 for each work, they generally take 500-600 Rs extra.

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    I stay in Tilak Nagar and I give my maid 500 for sweeping the floor and 500 for utensils. Sometimes I ask her to cook and then she takes 400 a day extra. So basically what I want to say is that it depends on your equation with your maid.

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    It is better to go with your gut feeling and also the work load. Generally maids do not charge less than 600 Rs for a work.

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