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Thread: what to eat before doing strength training?

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    Cool what to eat before doing strength training?

    Hi, i have heard that you should lift weights on an empty stomach..? what should i eat before doing strength training to make my muscles stronger and to give me more energy to work out more?

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    Always eat.

    Never exercise on an empty stomach! That is horrible advice!

    If youre exercising early morning, have a banana and a glass of neembu paani or orange juice.

    Follow your workout with a proper breakfast also

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    Exercising on an empty stomach is like driving a car with an empty gas tank. Make sure you fuel up before stressing your body!
    A healthy breakfast of egg whites, brown bread, juice and oatmeal is more than sufficient to see you through your workout. Eat atleast an hour before exercising though.

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    always eat before and after a workout. Your muscles need nourishment to heal themselves! As does your whole body.

    Keep drinking gatorade or lemon water while exercising. Helps keep the electrolyte level up, and prevents you from getting tired.

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    Eat a 300 calorie meal 2 hours prior to workout. After workout, drink some whey protein if you want to add muscle mass. Eat instantly after a workout though, that is very important

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    training empty stomach is a big NO its very bad for your health and body , you should atleast have 2 bananas before working out , what you eat after workout is more important a protein shake will be ideal and after that some kind of solid diet

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