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Thread: Stealing habit in preschooler

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    Stealing habit in preschooler

    My 3 yr old son is going to nursery now and recently while checking for his homework, I noticed many erasers and sharpeners in his pencil box. I asked him and he replied that his friends gifted them. I know this is not true. Now everyday I check, he has something or the other. I think he is stealing. How should I tell him? Please advise.

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    It may be right that your son is stealing but you should ask him gently about this. Ask him to tell without any fear. He may be lying to you bcos you may be intimidating him. Be kind and have patience. Stealing is not a bad habit for such young kids. They do nt know that it is wrong. With patience, you can teach him the right and the wrong.

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    Many young kids steal. My daughter used to steal from her friends. sometimes candy or little things or toys. I've explained to her about stealing and why is it bad and kids will not want to play with her. I disciplined her with time out. Now she doesn't steal.

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    Never use hitting or spanking as a method of disciplining because that will just make him hate you. You can tell him that he is doing bad things and it could have serious consequences. If this does not work, then steal his most favorate toy or what ever he plays with the most. so he know how it is to be stolen from.

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