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Thread: My wife in extra-marrital affair?

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    My wife in extra-marrital affair?

    Good evening folks, I got married recently, and enjoying a lovely life. My 24 years old wife is very sexy, and I am getting fully satisfied in sex.

    I was a virgin till marriage, and lost my virginity with my wife. On the other hand, my wife has been into at least three serious relationships at different times before marriage, and I came to know that she used to have regular sex with all of them, countless times in total. She has cried many times in front of me saying sorry for her such past life. I truly love her, and have accepted her for what she is now, forgiven her for all her past. She also loves me a lot.

    Now starts my doubts. She often lies on small things, for which a lie is not necessary. Regarding her past, I understand that one can enter into relationship and have sex before marriage. Thats natural. But is it normal to have so many relationships, and have so much of sex before marriage. If she has changed partners this many times, how likely is it that after sometime she gets into a secret extra-marrital affair to have sex with a new man. Is it that her desire of sex is very high? Because she has a nature of lying, I am not able to trust her. What should I do? Please help me.

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    well your doubt is completely valid any man who would be in your position would have felt the same but just based on her past you cannot judge that she might cheating on you now for sake of sex,before drawing any kind of conclusion go to the depth of the issue and understand why is she lying and draw a conclusion

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    Hi Asif,
    Please don't jump into a conclusion that your wife is having an affair.She had confessd her past to you and you have accepted is absolutely normal for a beautiful and sexy girl to have boy friends and have sex before marriage.Leave the past and now that you are married to her and you know everything about her make her feel that you trust more open to told you enjoy sex with her which means and the little lies she says you can smile at it.the best way is to be more open gain her confidence make her feel that you are no more annoyed about her past.
    Continue with your life. Have full trust in her.

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    if she cares for you... loves you. dont worry for anything...... and dont be judgemental.....

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    Its not easy for me to tell You about it. You seem to be a decent and homent guy and you dont lie or cheat. but your wife is opposite as you said. she can make you fool easily and many times. And u look quiet tensed about it. You are doubting her. Doubting has no cure. come out of your doubts.
    I would do following thing if i find clue or symtoms of extramarrital affair.
    1) be frank with her and let her believe that you dont have any issue if she has extramarrital affair.(you lie to find her lie)
    2) if she has any affair she will not hide and she will disclose.
    3) if you doubt that she was not at home ask her frankly in fun way, not seriuosly. she may tell u the truth.
    4) after fewdays when you are comform that she is not the same person like befor, you should tell her the truth that you were comforming whether she cheating or not.
    this has one drawback. If she gets angry she will find some other guy for bed beacuse you dont have trust. You doubt. you have hurt her ego. you dont understand her.

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