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Thread: Life is very difficult for me

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    Life is very difficult for me

    Iam a very sensitive girl from childhood but after marriage I changed myself we are two daughters for my parents and we are from a middle class family and my father always used to think that we should get married before he retires so with out checking their backgrounds and with out giving any option for us to think he told they are gud family u should marry and now both of us are not happy in our lives
    My husband is good I don't say he is bad but he don't know anything about society how to save money how to speak with people I can say he will be like kid wha ever my sister in law and her husband says he will do that I don't like that because we will be having some opinion and they will say like do this and don't do that iam fed up of this life and he Will do God pujas so much and I will also believe God and even I will do pujas but not like him if I do anything wrong while doing puja he will shout like anything he will use all the bad words and we got married in November 13 2011 but stil we don't have kids and we are having small small,problems we can get kids if we have treatment he will say like you won't get baby u will be childless baby only I don't know what to do I will be silent I won't fight with him or I won't argue with him if he says anything like that and he will tell to his parents or to his sister all the personal fights whatever we will have they will laugh like anything he will be like child nly no merturity I am getting afraid like how I have to live life with him I don't know what step I should take iam graduated whether I should choose my way to lead my life sometimes he will be telling like y you are not leaving me and going I can't look after you I feel very bad y God has written my fate like this I don't have even a single happy moments in my life at least once in a day I will cry for something with out knowing anyone I am staying in US I can't cry here and share with my parents because my mom will scare by hearing this iam very sensitive sometimes I feel like iam not mertured how to lead happy marriage life he won't mingle with people he won't take me outside he won't attend the parties if anybody invite us to party or to go on trips with them he will shout at me like anything but iam fully opposite of him I want to enjoy my life like anything but after marriage I adjusted a lot but still iam not happy my personal life is also not gud that y we are not getting baby what I have to do plz anyone can help me I was searching the websites like where I can get solution for my problem and I found this and iam writing my problem plz help me

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    hiii, How are you , swathi.. Please cool ur mind. I can understand your problem/situation. I have the same case . Just keep ur husband in place if my wife. thats it. same drama. pressure i have faced/n facing. I try to keep myself cool. I have engaged myself in other activities. Same thing u can do. try out some job. try to be away from home. create ur own world. try to mingle people. try to be happy whereever u can be. in colleagues/friends/stranger. you can try out me as well ;-) .

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