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Thread: Trying to have a baby with help from natural fertility treatments

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    Trying to have a baby with help from natural fertility treatments

    My friend is trying to have a baby since last year. All her tests are normal and there is no such reason for her not being able to have a baby. Now she is going in for natural fertility treatments. I read that Natural fertility treatments are effective as their approach is holistic ridding the body of toxins. They provide relaxation which is conducive for having a baby. Eating fertility food is one such approach. eating foods that contain phyto-oestrogens may help stabilise a woman’s oestrogen levels. Fat cells make oestrogen, so overweight women may have excess levels of the hormone. This can inhibit production of the follicle-stimulating hormone and the luteinising hormone. Will this work in her case?
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    Oh and as per her research, fertility foods aid natural fertility. They can mimic and take the place of oestrogen to help prevent an excess of the real human hormone, which can contribute to fertility problems. Vitamin E has been shown to increase fertility when given to both men and women and it’s also a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E can aid women aged over 35 to respond better to IVF because it may help to improve the health of the remaining eggs. Another friend tried acupuncture and it worked after 6 sections.. so suggesting that as well..
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    Hi.. what is this acupuncture treatment all about. how it is done and what is the purpose. i have also been said by doctors i dont have any problem for infertility. give me suggestions whom to approach.

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    if your doctor has said that you dont have any problem, then why do you want to do acupuncture therapy for fertility?
    acupuncture basically boosts your fertility and increases your chances of getting pregnant. i think it increases hormone production and all..

    if u have a problem in gettin pregnant then only go to a acupuncture therapist. there are no side effects to it.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.. ya will visit the doctor for the good treatment. I am Chennai now. now i have to decide about hospital which is best suitable for the treatment.

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    The best treatment I feel is to get rid of the stress, eat and stay healthy and always be happy. Half the battle is won if one is happy. If there is no reason for infertility and all the tests are normal, then I feel that you should try the holistic approach. Being happy is the miracle cure for everything.

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    Hey dear,
    I agree with you in some points like Eat & stay healthy without stress.
    I am not aware about natural treatment on infertility . If there anything please let me know.

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