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Thread: Being Depressed? Need Motivation,Need mental Healing, Relationship counselling???

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    Being Depressed? Need Motivation,Need mental Healing, Relationship counselling???

    Mr. Sanat is a motivational speaker based in Pune. He assists people who need to improve their Personality, Public Speaking Skills. He conducts lectures, seminars, workshops and courses for the students, youths, working staff and common citizens
    He will help you to Make life worth living by building up self-Confidence,Learn to achieve your goal in life,
    Get out of depression, Over-Come all your fears & phobia's. He will help you to build effective relationship, He will teach you Spiritual Leadership, Winning with People, Stress Management, Success, Change, Self Esteem, Team Building, Law of Attraction, Goal Setting.

    He will help you make positive changes in your life.

    Please contact me for appointment.

    We provide personal counselling also.

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    I would like to know more about the course and the way you motivate people. Are there any testimonials as I would like to have a direct contact with those who found difference after your course. I am looking forward to further communication from your side as my cousin needs some immediate help. He has low confidence levels and feels shy and is unable to speak in front of strangers.

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