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Thread: How to Talk to Children about Puberty

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    How to Talk to Children about Puberty

    How to educate children about puberty and adolescence? Which facts should be highlighted while talking to children about puberty? How to answer children when they ask questions related to puberty and adolescence?
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    Puberty is a stage where children grow and explore themselves and learn new things about their body, their life. In such stage of life they will search for different ways and people from whom they can get their answers. So i would suggest every parent should educate their child about puberty on the right time. Puberty hits every child at different age depending on various factors. Parents and family are the best source where child can get their every answer. Parents should freely talk to their kids and answer their every question in the right way.

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    its really important to educate children about such things parents should take the initiative and talk and impart knowledge of such things,this will make children more comfortable to talk about such things to parents as well

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    parents should be open enough that the child feels at ease while talking about this issues to parents.parents should be composed andtry their best to listen and help. Many children get afraid and due to the fear of parents to never ask questions in this matter and thus they feel helpless. Its better to explain kids about all these things than them getting wrong information from someone else

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    puberty is a stage in which a children wants to now about the different things and also about the question in their mind .for this the parents should help them and answer their questions freely and in a soft and friendly manner.

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