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Thread: Indian Folk Dances

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    Indian Folk Dances

    Which are the popular Indian folk dances? What is the significance of Indian folk dances? What are the bases of folk dances of India?
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    India has a rich cultural heritage and each state of India has its own dance form. The dance form is unique to the state and it reflects the culture and traditions of that state. The localized dance forms of a state is its folk dance. folk dances are performed by the natives during special occasions and festivals. Folk dances are numerous in number and style, and vary according to the local tradition of the respective state, ethnic or geographic regions. Kalbelia, Rasiya and Ghoomer are folk dances of Rajasthan, similarly Bhangra and Giddha in Punjab, so there can be many folk dances in a state.

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    Folk dances reflect the tradition and culture of a state. They are less complex and more social way of expressing one’s emotions. They are generally group performances. They are a way of showing happiness as the expressed emotion. Tribal folk dances are often performed during marriages and after a good harvest.

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