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Thread: 3 year old fear for sudden sound.

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    3 year old fear for sudden sound.

    my 3yo girl has fear of sudden sounds like cough, sneeze , crackers, even fight scenes. So she s afrid to travel by train , bus or even car, so tat the noise will be loud. Otherwise she is a happy go kid, likes to learn, speaks well.She even likes to listen to loud music. But if she hears such sudden sounds she starts crying nd panicking. Reassured her that it is normal nd no need to panic. But she refuses to listen. Puzzled. Help me pls.

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    well this really looks to be complicated issue normally if she had any problem against loud sound then she would have been uncomfortable even listening to loud music but this is not the case with your child so i would rather suggest take expert advice visit a well reputed psychologist to understand her thinking

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    children encounter something unusual and start developing fear about those things in there mind,so its important to know what is the reason behind there fear and act accordingly to take out that fear out of there mind.I would suugest you to visit some child psychologist to get to the root of problem

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