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Thread: How to save this marrige?

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    How to save this marrige?

    Indian guy comes to USA , wanted carrier oriented professional girl + homely+ who listens to him always . He marry doctor girl from India hoping to have money and good life but Indian girl fails in USA Doctor exam . His dream was scattered, he started scolding her, fighting with her . One day girl became pregnant . Now more responsibility for guy to feed his wife and baby , so he forced girl to get abortion. Guy does not have patience to wait for time or help her .. Guy's hate, anger started more and he is not happy. Finally girls could not take it and divorced him...

    He was upset, unhappy and blamed girl and marry again USA living Indian girl but this time also he does not tell his expectations before marriage , this time girl is also making money but he wanted girl to be more professional . New wife is normal ordinary homely girl and not a carrier oriented, they had a baby still guy is not happy again he wanted more from his wife and baby and started complaining , his hate and anger started again..

    Everyday fight and argument , guy anger level increased more and more.He is again very unhappy

    Now what they need to do ?

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    i think he himself earn becoming more professional rather expecting from girl money we can always except girl love from them not money it is shame for us

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    However, I had a few thoughts about how to do everything in his power to save his marriage.

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    when a person compares his life with others, he get frustrated.
    but his behaviour is not normal. counsellor is needed which will see the problem in him. Anger management programm should work for him.
    Psychaitric help its good for him.
    good luck

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