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Thread: Son hitting problem in school

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    Son hitting problem in school

    Hi, i am from Delhi. My son who is 6 years old is having one of very common misbehavourial problem that he sometimes fights and hitting other children in school. Many times we speak with him and understand him but again the problem is still continue going on. Kindly give me some suggestion how can i deal with this problem so that he will not hit other children.

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    if not controlled at early stage it might turn up into a serious problem at later stage so its better that you take care to make him discontinue this habbit asap try consulting psychologist to get to the root of this issue i would suggest you to avoid watching movies that involve crimes or any kind of assault

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    first u should know in which friend circle ur child is there becoz having a bad friend circle makes them him to do so.and u should beat and yell.parents should talk the child with softly and in a friendly manner and make them understand and realize about the mistakes and also about his behavior .

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