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Thread: need help for sex life

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    need help for sex life

    hi I am 30 yr old married woman. I got married before 4 yrs ago its was love marraige. before that i had another boyfriend and i was deeply love with him he was my first love we had 5 year of affair also that time i was not much passinate about sex but bcz he wanted it so we did many times it was not just sex but we had attached emotions with it but that affair didnt work out because of some misunderstandings, during my break up i met my husabnd we satrted dating. i didnt hide anything from him even i told him about our sex then husabnd was totally pissed about it and forced me to do sex with him before marriage so i did and it was so passinate sex i enjoyed a lot compare to first i am married and living with my husband(second boyfriend) in US but he is acting very different now he dont have time for me he dont express his love, he things that is useless things even we dnt have sex life. we only have sex once after 2 months and it happens only when he wanted. he always give me reason about work. I am totally missing my sex life with him even he dont kiss me but he cares about me, fullfill my all needs. during this time i contacted my ex boyfriend i told him my story. I dnt have same feeling about him but i just call him as friend so he has started flirting with me i dnt like to make sex talk with him but as I said we are deeply love with each other he undersatnds me more compare to my husaband. so that thing dragging me towords him. we dont talk usually only once a month but when ever we talk he always make sexy jokes and ask me to come india and meet him and says will do wht you actually want from your life. wht should i do? should i still talk with him? I am so confused ? should i meet him in india when i will visit there?

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    its ur life and you have ur own asset. If u dont find love and care. u use ur own mind / heart . you may go ahead. enjoy life. I m too married lonely person .

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    hi u just think he is pissed that u told him everything if he comes to know that ur still in touch with ur ex boyfriend u know how he feels and wat his reaction are u ready to face him or face the situation after that so think and make decision meeting ur exboyfriend doing sex with him is not a big deal but dealing with ur hubby once he will know about it and how u will face him so forget about ur ex boyfriend he may use u and he may say bye because he left u for small misunderstanding how can u trust him again
    find a new guy and know about him and then u express ur feeling
    ur ex boyfriend may be problem for u

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    one thing u should understand that people dont remain in love. first they fall in and then jump out. Mind looks for another option. and when you jump out of love you will search for different.
    U can do one thing. write a letter as anonymous. romantic oneand mention your desires.
    or take him outside for dinner and tell what is in your mind.
    Ask him what is wrong with him.
    It may happen that he is loosing interest in you. This happens with Every man. Try differnt things which will make him happy.
    You can try Tantric sex.

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