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Thread: How to be an ‘Awesome Parent’ to your Teen

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    How to be an ‘Awesome Parent’ to your Teen

    Does your teen get embarrassed with you? Do you find it difficult to connect with your teenager? How can you bridge the gap between your child and you?
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    I have a great rapport with my teenage daughter. I am a parent first and then a friend to her. I always try to keep pace with her, be in her studies or day to day life. she also shares everything with me. I also give her advice when she needs it and it makes her feel that there is somebody who understands her quite well. She is a part of family discussions also and this I have done to make her more responsible.

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    I do not think my teen is embarrassed with me, rather she introduces me to her friends. I have always been a liberal parent, giving freedom to my teenage son. I never interfere in his matters unless he wants me to. Whenever his friends come over, they are at ease with me also. I feel communication gap between parents and kids is the main reason behind growing distance and giving rise to a feeling of awkwardness.

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    I have heard that most parents rue of the generation gap between them and the kids. In my case, I have befriended my kids. they share, laugh and play with me. I know they also keep secrets from me but I think this much is permissible in a relationship. Since my kids were small, I tried to be the best parent by playing silly games and sharing jokes and stories in our free time. This continues even today, though my kids are quite grown up now. We also have a family meal together at least once a day. I also try to keep up with the latest technology and my kids help me in this filed. So basically I feel that I am still in the process of learning and learn new things from my kids. These small things help in making the bond between me and my kids stronger.

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