God's blessing showered on us when a precious gem got added into our family treasure on 17th Jan 2010 and we named him "Abeer" with his small little steps he entered in our hearts and filled our life with incredible joy and pleasure!

Abeer as the names says it all - "color" truly has added color to my life with his matchless smile, naughty acts and his step by step development to face the world.

It has been a blessing from my Sai (Lord) that today I see him budding him from a seed in my womb to blossom like a flower tomorrow, I still remember the day - 5th June 2009 when I got to know about his existence in my body those words from the doctor's mouth telling me the report as if transformed me as different person all together.
The news entered the home like a light in a dark, which brought a smile and shine on everyone's face...I was feeling blessed! Though unplanned about being pregnant the acceptance of the existence of a life within me was quite strong.

Some days later after having acute pain in my lower abdomen a visit to the doctor shocked me with a piece of news - that the hormones required for the development of the baby were quite less which resulted in the development of the sack where baby develops but their was no baby in it! and according to the doctor ( who had very less hope for a positive report) if my next due ultrasound showed similar development phase then it would be required to abort the child else it can harm me...then what the mind which had plans in a shape of beautiful castle constructing with brick and stones of the coming child's news got shattered in seconds... I was left sad very sad.
Everyone tried to show sympathy saying it was okay you can always try again and I was asked to take no stress for all this.
A thought / news of knowing that you are pregnant fills your heart with a motherly feeling and I took a strong decision of not looking back from such a feeling.

It was like - You were shown a path which ends to a paradise - But was stopped to enter it.

Next day I got up and asked my husband to accompany me to Sai Baba Temple at Lodhi road, Being there as if I had a tussle with Baba asking him why he had shown me a way if it had no doors...in a way I had answer in our silent conversation (between me and Baba) being very stubborn I told him if u have shown me the dreams you will have to fulfill them, I tied a black thread at dwarkamai and asked him the same. I came back but did not tell anyone about what I have done or what do I think.
Visiting that place acted like a boost to the medicines which my doctor had prescribed - in the next ultrasound, surprisingly my reports were normal and even doctor was impressed as according to her it happened in rear cases.

Indeed it is Sai's blessing that bestowed on me and my husband Gurpreet in the form of Abeer!
I was also blessed with a strong inner strength to face the labor pains, I was very calm through out the phase and delivered a cute little baby boy at 1:55 am on 17th Jan 2010.

Today Abeer is 2.2 yrs old and every day his laughter makes my believe in the deity stronger.
Thank you baba for blessing me with a beautiful family, a loving husband and a cute little brat