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Thread: Argumentative Children

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    Argumentative Children

    For what does your child argue the most? How do you deal with your childs arguing? Do you agree that arguments can be healthy for both parents and kids?
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    Hi, seeing new behaviour from children every day is not a new thing now. As children start growing up they change, their behaviour changes. There are at times when the children want something from their parents or the parents want something from the child, chances are that they might end up in an argument. Dealing with the arguments may not be easy and children will always think that the parents don’t understand them. You might be frustrated and confused how to deal with aggressive children. I suggest you to find the reason behind this kind of behaviour of the children rather than arguing with them.

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    Hello, in every house you may see frustrated parents and arguing children. There can be healthy arguments between the parents and the children but sometimes it can get worse. Some parents keep arguing with the kids and do exactly what the kids want. It is important that instead of arguing we parents listen to what our child wants to say and what are his or her needs, complains and requirements for which they might be arguing with you. It is important that you get the argument in control by valuing what the child says and suggests and also consider his opinions as this might not let the arguments get out of control.

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    Hi, the main issue between parents and children is of authority. We all have been through this phase when we were children and we have argued with our parents and blamed them for several things like not being understanding, rude, unreasonable and dictatorial. Sometimes we even considered our parents as our enemies who were coming in between of our happiness. Similarly your children are acting and doing the same which you did once. As parents it is your duty that you should let your child say what they want to say and later on decide what is correct and what is wrong.

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    Disciplining children is one thing which every parent does but does that work is the main question. Children have habits of arguing but some just keep arguing out of habit. Sometimes children may want something desperately and might be trying to imitate someone by copying their way of talking. It is our duty to guide our children in the right direction so that they do not get into trouble. Children have right to express their feelings and desires but you should teach them how. Just behaving bad in front of anyone cannot be accepted and the importance of discipline should be known to them.

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    Hello, according to me parents should adopt a middle of the road approach which is not to strict not too lenient. It is necessary that children learn to respect their parents and at the same time parents should also be respecting their children’s opinion, thoughts and feelings. You can try to keep calm when you children have argumentative behaviour and shouting and scolding them can make the situation worse and also sometimes take the children away from you. Forcing the children to do what you want and as you want can never work and put you and your children in adversarial position.

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    When you try to force children to behave in a particular way and also try to control the children forcefully. These negative comments will hamper their thinking and make them believe that their belief is true and also feel that no one understands them and they are a victim who is tortured. This might be a reason for a dispute between the children and the parents and to not let this happen the parents should show things to the children according to their views. Let them know that when they are rude and disrespectful how much it hurts.

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    Try to give them a reality check and let them know that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Try to handle the situation smartly by telling them that you will listen to everything what they have to say but they will also have to listen to you and lower their voices and be more polite and calm. This way they will listen to you and try to behave properly. Make sure that you genuinely listen to them and make efforts to complete their wishes, if you leave without listening they will not listen to you.

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    Trying to be cool and calm where your child is hyper and running high it better for both you and the child. Let your children know that being angry and cranky will make them get nothing and they should only talk when they have a cool mind so that whatever they talk are clear. It is important that you make it clear that you care about your child’s opinions and emotions. When they have demands it is important that they negotiate it without being demanding and aggressive. You need to be more flexible and easy so that children do not feel like you do not care.

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    children wants many thinks so they argue with their parent as they are small they don't know what they are doing.parents should make them understand about the thing as argument leads to many misunderstanding and fights among peole.

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