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Thread: Excessive Praise

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    Excessive Praise

    Why do you praise your child? Do you know why excessive praise is bad for your child? What are the qualities or behaviours for which one should praise one’s child?
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    I praise my kids when they are good. Praising is my way of encouraging them. I never praise them to get work done or just to show them that they are best. I offer genuine praise and encouragement for effort and successes. I also balance this with setting appropriate expectations and following up with consequences when the child falls short due to lack of effort.

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    praising a child does not give him confidence and help him learn better. Kids who get too much praise are less likely to take risks, are highly sensitive to failure and are more likely to give up when faced with a challenge.Praising means that a kid is valued more for a trait andthis in turn hampers the learning process of the kid.

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    Parents should praise children for their effort, their concentration, their strategies. Praising for effort sends the message that your child has the power to improve and change, but labeling him gives him little control over changing how he is perceived. Parents often praise their kids to make themselves feel good, or to protect their kids from failure. But it's critical for parents to help their kids to learn to cope with setbacks and to help them focus on ways to improve.

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