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Thread: Teaching Children the Importance of Money

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    Teaching Children the Importance of Money

    Does your child use a piggy bank? Do you encourage your child to save money? Have you taught your child the importance of money?
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    Children should be taught the value of money. Because today's savings become tomorrow's needs.

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    Every time my child does a good or thoughtful thing, I give her 5 rupees to put in her piggy bank. This teaches her to save money, and also shows my appreciation for her good behaviour. She understands and gets rewarded for her good deeds. this method is working very well for me. She has already filled one piggy bank and the second one is halfway full. She wants one special expensive barbie, even though she has so many barbies, so I have promised her that when the second piggy bank gets full, we will go buy the barbie (I will pay for the rest of the money for the barbie).

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