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Thread: Mum having an affair

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    Mum having an affair

    Hi there everyone my name is Sandesh . I'm in a serious dilemma and I hope you guys can give some advice.
    I discovered recently that my mother started having an affair with a man I knew well. He used to work as a gardener in my school. Now my parents are pretty normal by Indian standards. My dad always provides for our family and my mum is a good housewife. My dad has a drinking problem though. But he was never violent. He would drink merrily and sleep soundly. To be honest he never embarrassed himself even when he's drunk.

    Now my mum's lover isn't a bad person either. He was a soft spoken man. He fell in love with my mum when he saw her in my school one day. From that day he would flirt with her. I thought all that was just a joke. But he took advantage of my dad's drinking problems. He befriended my dad and would buy him drinks. And both of them became good friends.

    Later when my dad is intoxicated he would start approaching my mum physically. To my surprise my mum seem to enjoy his company. Whenever my dad is passed out they would sneak into a room and romance each other. When I confronted him, he told me my mum deserve a good company. He likes to shower my mum with gifts and what not. Lately, he had become very daring. He would intoxicate my dad with huge amount of alcohol. Then, he would start hugging and kissing my mum in the kitchen. They even bathe together nowadays.

    So what shall I do? If my father found out there would be many problems. On the other hand my mum seem to like her lover a lot. Should I tell my father about this?

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    Dear Sandesh,

    Typical adultery story. Nice husband and wife and a lover enters to spoil. So sorry for you. You can not blame anyone here. I feel your dad, with his drinking problem, is unable to give the time to your mom and her physical needs are being satisfied by the lover. Also this kind of love can give a kick.

    It is a difficult situation for you. If you tell your dad, you may end up breaking the family and in worst case losing your mother. I feel it is good to wait and watch, or try to speak to your mother.

    It is about an year now. Have things improved?

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