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Thread: What should I do!!!!

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    Angry What should I do!!!!

    Hi are few instances/incidents/comments which came across my and my MIL'S day to day works.

    1. If MIL talks more "she is talkative"..
    If I talk more "you should talk limited"..

    2.If MIL SAYS what she feels.."she is expressive"
    If I do the same "I am aggressive"

    3.If she threw comments r punches "she is Jovial lady"
    If i does the same"you dont know how to talk to others"

    4.If she selects her own dress r saree.."it's cool..."
    Ridiculous if I do.

    5.If FIL helps her he is a good husband
    If my hubby helps me..."he is holding my salwar n running around me..(normally all say saree..but i dont wear sarees..)

    6.If she gives FIL cornflakes r oats r some thing else..she is healthy-oriented..
    I am lazy if i do the same..

    what to do guyss!!!!!!Help me out

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    Just ignore. These comments will be always there. If your husband understands you and values your hard work for the family, then no need to bother about what others are saying or commenting. Be happy and enjoy your life. I stay in a joint family with my MIL and FIL. Even I get to her these types of comments now n then. I just smile and say yes I'm lazy or what ever... My hubby knows my dedication towards the family and when he appreciate me for the same, i feel rewarded and all the comments passed by MIL or FIL doesn't bother me much.
    Also, make sure your are not complaining each and everything about your MIL or FIL to your husband. Complaining every time make them irritated and gradually they stop listing thinking that its the same old story.

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    Thank you so much for ur reply..I do sometimes ignore..but sometimes I feel much..My husband is with me..he knew everything..Even he will b struggling sometime not knowing whom to support..I feel pity for him at that time..

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    you do nothing just ignore all the comment.These comments always be there and this does not happen only you but all DIL, so don't worry be happy

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