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Thread: Son's remark

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    Son's remark

    hi, i am 40 yrs old married n have 2 sons 17 n 14. recently for my b'day i wore a low waist chiffon saree n backless choli n v all had family dinner. usually i don't wear saree or other dresses very low but since it was b'day i wore it 3 inch below navel. when elder son saw me in it he complimented wow mom u look gorgeous. u have an awesome figure. he usually says mom you are beautiful only. this is 1st time he complimented figure. so i felt a little awkward though i didn't show it and just blushed n said thanks. i know he meant it as positive compliment only and made the remark in front of entire family. but for us indians it feels a bit bit awk when son compliments fig. hav other moms been in such situations? how did u handle it?

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    I feel it is OK. He has been frank in his appreciation. I too face this and am happy about it.

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