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Thread: suggest popular indoor games for kids

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    Lightbulb suggest popular indoor games for kids

    my kids are so frustrated being stuck at home because of the rains. they are eating my head up constantly complaining that they are bored. what kind of games are popularly played indoors by kids nowadays?

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    You can give your kids board games. They are best for time pass and many of them are educational also. they can stimulate brain. If your kid is interested in chess, then it is a great idea. you can enroll him for chess classes and he can also participate in championships. also scrabble championships are also held. So there is lot more to learn while playing.

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    My kids love to play table tennis. They use the dining table for this purpose. Other board games that you can play indoors are carrom board, Ludo, Blocks. Now kids are also very much interested in Lego.

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    There are many Indoor games that children love playing with. My nieces love playing with Fisher Price Doodle pro. It engages a child for a longer span. Apart from that games like UNO, Blokus, Piranha Panic are amazing too. Hope it works for you.

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    My child doesnt like to play any game only.. He wants to sit with his Ipad only all the time.. Can someone suggest a game that 5 year old boys like?

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    There are many games that can be played indoors. You can decide upon them based on their preferences. If your child is into making words, then you can just give him a paper and pencil. all he needs is a partner and he can start making words. IT is a good game for building vocabulary.

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    There are lots of indoor games for kids like vocabulary games, word games, try to search on you will get information about indoor games for kids

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