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Raising Children Topics..

You are here : home > Raising Children > Parental Dilemmas > The Working Mother > Comments


Name: paromita
Country: India
Hi! I m a working mom of a toddler due to financial insecurities I need to work. I have made a routine for myself and my baby in which after an hour of rest I spend time with her. I deal her in a way as if I am not teaching her anything as if we r playing. There is lots of fun in our relation and learning. Holidays r total fun for us.

Name: working mom
Country: India
Hi! I'm a working mom of a toddler. Didn't know whether to employ a helper to look after my baby or send him to daycare.Was going crazy!! But i opted for daycare. I'm very lucky i found a good one- Chimes in gurgaon sector 56. I think if you can get a good daycare then its the best option. Really grateful to Chimes

Name: Curtis
Country: U.S.A.
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Country: India
My son is 4 years old, i join my office when he was 5 months old but still i m having guilty feeling for him, nw he is having diwali vacation and he always cry when i leave for office, it vry hard for me to leave him crying and start for office... i love him lotss.... i feel very bad for him... hope so when his school will start he will settle down

Name: Saini
Country: India
A working woman should be proud always for managing both family and work in a balanced way. Though provoking article!

Name: Shahnaz
Country: India
I am so happy I came across this sight. I find the texts highly credible and informative and also very well written.

Name: mn
Country: Uganda
is it worthy to stay in a marriage where a man cheats on wife with house girls?

Name: chandrakala
Country: India
i am a working woman and i can proudly say that i am able to manage both work as well as home

Name: NAM
Country: India
I feel that kids dont need 24 hours surveillance by their parents. After 4 years of age they grown independent. Its parent duties to give them good values and morals in addition to their quality time . I feel that a working mother is as good as a homemaker where kids development is concerned.

Name: Radhika A
Country: India
Desperately in need of help. Having a kid 7 year old, Cant cope up with married life any more, want to go for divorce but worrying how to manage job and kid after that. Job is need due to financial reason.

Name: rashmi
Country: India
i am working in a psu . working time is 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. before that and after taht time i am totally involved with kids as i am in supportivr joint family but i do feel guilty of not spendignthe whole day with them and taking care of their needs

Name: Mrs.Philomena Lasrado
Country: India
I am a married woman with a school going baby girl of 5 years age. I live at Juhu Lane, Andheri West, in 1 BHK flat in a very decent co-operative housing society having two lifts near to J.V.P.D.Scheme, Juhu, S.V. Road, and Andheri (West). My house is quite safe with grills on the windows for children. I get hot & cold running water for all the 24 hours and security provided by the society. I would like to start a crèche for small children of working parents. You may please contact me on mobile: 9820538570 in the event of your interest to avail my services.

Name: sharmila
Country: India
Iam a working mother and my working hours are from 9am to 4pm. During this period my child who is now 1.5 years old stays with my mother-in-law and a maid. Once I come back I devote time for my child by taking him out for a walk, playing with him, showing him pictures etc. My child is well attached with me. But at times I do feel guilty that i cannot spend the entire day with him.

Country: India
i am a working mother and since there is no mil or my mother to take care of my son (7 months) i leave him in a daycare and i find him really improving in his play and he has become more independent than before .but as you said in your opinion it is the quality of time that matters than quantity.

Name: Nidhi
Country: USA
being a working mom from day one since the birth of both my children this article came as a video of my thoughts. one thing which i liked most about this article was the writer emphasised on quality of time spent with the child not the quantity. i agree i do not have 24 hours for my kids but i definately would like to have good 3-4 hours with them. it is stressful to juggle but you have to do what you have to do. i rather go to work and spend quality time with kids rather than stay at home and nag them all the time. i thing which i would like to add is that we should learn to beleive in the care giver. whether it is day care, mil, mom or any other service. easier said then done. i have to lear that too. at times i wish there were 48 hours in a day.

Name: Pratibha Singh
Country: India
i am a working mother of two sons aged 7 months and 4 years. each time i joined back in my office when they were just 5 months. since then i don't have time for myself whatever time i had, has been given to kids. my elder son has been brought up in joint family with his grand parents besides that he is not very attached to his grandparents. he is very much attached to me because of the quality of love he got from me. i am proud of when my in-laws have a bet to let him sleep with them because he never sleeps with them in the adjoining room when i am also at home. except my office hours i never let him away from me. we daily play/talk at least 4/5 hours when i listen to him carefully and replies all his queries and the releated things patiently. now, i found that he never forget those things which i had explained him. but now with two children it's really a difficult task to work. i don't have enough time for them. but i hope that as soon as the winter is off, i will be able to devote more time with them. now a days in indian contest too, these sites are very useful to discuss problems and solutions of working mothers & kids.

Name: jyotsna
Country: India
i feel that for a working woman , it becomes almost a neccesity to work as she is so used to going out and working. the quality of time with your child is definitely important but equally esential is the fact that the quality of relationship with your husband is also better when you areworking. when i was on leave , i would be ready to pounce on my husband nagging him because the day would leave me so tired and monotonous. when i am working i am in a more cheerful mood , am happily giving quality time to my son and husband and they are happy too.when one is at office the home problems are forgtten and when one is at home the office problems are forgotten, so one gets a vent for ones feelings. of course this needs a supportive husband, which my husband sure is.

Name: kiran
Country: India
iwas a working mother with a rewarding and stressful job, but have now given it up. i plan to start a daycare for children of mothers who face the kind of trouble i had in looking for quality care for my son when i went to work.quality time is definitely a great concept, but what about the effects of the unsupervised9by you) time the child spends with servants- you never can be sure of what goes on behind your back, unless the child is with known, trusted people. and domestic help, specially the younger age group is definitely not trustworthy!

Name: Shambhavi
Country: India
i am a working lady. i am having one son of 5 everyone expects us to have second child. i am confused. can you tell me why should we go for it.

Name: vm
Country: India
i was working before my daughter was born. now she is 18 months old and i intend to go back to work. this article gave me an insight which enabled me to take a decision. otherwise i used to just keep thinking without results.

Name: Roopa
Country: USA

Name: zhejun
Country: USA
the site is very good for the children and some of the story even a man can read it!

Name: A. S. Rao
Country: India
dr. mehrotra has presented a very nice picture on the condition of working mother. but what i have noticed in the whole of the article she has used a "child" never children. does this mean that working mothers prefer child rather than children or out of necessity she should go for a child rather than children. pl. comment.

Name: ash
Country: India
i found the site very informative,but at the same time i feel u should be more specific. like you have mentioned abt spending quality time with the child,u cd also give some suggestions on how do we as parents spend this time togethere.

Name: rs
Country: India
the site is good,but too brief i feel.there should be some elaborations on the quality time being spent with the child.i would also like to know more on single parenting as my son has lost his father in physical as he is no more but he is present in spirits & emotions.he is 4 yrs old & it has only been 6 months since his loss,though he is getting good care & love from his grandparents but he misses me sometimes when i'm off to my office.i devoted full 3 yrs to him after his birth by leaving my job & joined another only after he was 3 yrs. he had ample time of both me & my husband till 3 yrs of age then i started working & then his dad went away.....with my job how to tackle it is my concentration

Name: nh
Country: India
my son is 10 yrs old and we are staying in a joint family. i am carrier oriented lady and have to tour a lot. and also have no option than working due to financial situations.though the father and grand parents take care of him, i have a guilt concious in my mind as he do not get well along with my husband or with grandparents.many a times this makes me disturbed. please let me know how should i go about it?

Name: soniq
Country: India
hi very good article from dr. mehrotra, it gives lot of factors that a working or a non-working mother has to consider. well i say it all depends on individual needs & thinking. but the dilema still remains .

Name: DMP
Country: India
the article should be a little elaborate, examples of quality time spend. a working mom sometimes has to call up ten times a day. she is not anxious but seeing to it that the servant has done all the jobs needed for looking at the child like putting the rice & dal cooker, made vegatable and that to at the proper time or lets say the alloted time. thereafter 4-5p.m small eat and milk then dropped her to the park. as a working mother i do not pass my anxiousness. thereare times the child does not listen to the maid, throws tantrums this is when the phone call helps. there is no one compartmentalised solution. remember there is a solution to every problem. try and work out the siuation to ur and the child's advantage.

Name: patricia
Country: USA
i think too many times we lie to ourselves about what it is to have children. it is difficult to feel fulfilled snd also know we are responsible for the well being of our children. the process of bonding for children is profoundly shaping in their growth -physically and psychologically. the problem is we are often struggling to get our needs met and this takes priority over what is best for our children. i found that being very honest with myself,about my finances and my need for affirmation, i found the greatest peace in knowing what is best for my child. good luck in your own soul searching!

Name: Pooja
Country: India
the article written by dr.dr. mehrotra, is very good, i found this site very informative. i am also working mother of 2 years ols baby girl. her grand parents are taking care of her when i am away from home, i usually gets around 1-2 hours of time daily to spend with her,even than she is very much attached to me. you statment is very correct that child is always deeply attached to mother. my baby never let me off from her eyes when i reaches home , she is always with me wirrespective of the thing whether i am working in a kitchen or what. i really thanks dr. mehrotra for such a good articel.

Name: uhteen
Country: kuwait
please elaborate all kinds of is a very good site

Name: priti patel
Country: USA
this site is good for working mom as well as for mom who staying at home all the time because dr. mehrotra explains how we spend quality time with our children. nevertheless, she did not give us any example for quality time, what is quality time? how she said quality time? she has to be specific about quality time with giving an example about quality time.

Name: Radhika
Country: India
i have a 4 month old and i got back to work 3 weeks back. i have left my daughter to my mil and in the evenings i see to it that i spend all my time with her. i feel very sad that i have to miss those precious moments of being with my baby and go to work for money. i'd feel even more miserable if the kid gives attention to her g'parents than to me....i am feeling very insecure about this....

Name: Meeun Kumar
Country: india
i think

Name: Swarnali
Country: india
can anybody give me some addresses of creches at vaishali region, ghaziabad?

Name: Paromita
Country: india
being a working mom is demanding. my 2year old son clings to me after i return home but the fact that the mother is out with a life and aspirations of her own, inculcates the same feelings in the kid and also teaches them to respect her as an individual. the article is good.. it would be helpful if some "work from home" options are detailed out..

Name: Meenu Kumar
Country: india
i think the term working mother is derogatory. a woman is the only one who can deliver the child to complete the family. since she any way bears it all happily for atleast one whole year of pregnancy, why should she be expected to not move with her life normally after the child is born. if she does the best for the family, physically & emotionally, why should she feel any guilt in returning to work as soon as she can. i blame the society & our value system for never letting a married woman have the growth that she deserves as an individual. i feel that a person who is in charge of her life with respect for their own needs is the kind of mom that any child needs. your child will learn more about love from the love you have for yourself & your life, not from the sacrifices you make for what you desire.

Name: hafizi
Country: malaysia
i think women should be allowed to work..nowadays women could whatever men do...even sometimes they do better than why sould we waste their abilities? right?

Name: A mother
Country: usa
i feel a mother should take care of a child in the initial years if she doesn't have family. only family can take care of the child lovingly and daycare cannot replace it.the career can be given a pause and after sometime they can go back to work. the best babysitters definitely are the grandparents but few are lucky enough to have helpful in-laws in this matter.

Name: Nidhi
Country: usa
being working mom from day one since

Name: Meenu Kumar
Country: india
i think the term working woman is

Name: Lata Giri
Country: india
i think it is very true that being a mother is really a very responsible designation, but the women can carry on with her job if their company have the creche inside there premises. i am already doing it in chandigarh. my creches are running in corporates

Name: Hiba
Country: lebanon
the article is fairly good but i think dr.mehrotra should have elaborated more and listed more disadvantages

Country: united kingdom
i think that if mother wnats to give time to her child she can manage time with her job.employers understand it.

Name: DJK
Country: india
the article is good and informative. i firmly believe that every individual should work and be productive not only for economic reason but also for the personal independence and satisfaction. as the social and economic order changes one has to adapt to these changes. therefore the choice is not between to work or not to work. one needs to be more prudent in balancing all aspects of life rather that finiding reasons for not able to cope with demanding schedules and here the issue of priortization comes. family is important and pivotal and the responsibility lies with both man and woman rather than only on woman. so it should not become an excuse to sacrifice an earning in the name of family. children needs quality time with their parents and they have to priortise accordingly. i know many women who threw away their job for the sake of their child which has essentially not added much to the very objective, instead lost the edge in the economic sense and more so in the family stability putting pressure on the men. as a family a consciuos decision has to taken by both spouses what level of involvement should each one partake in each aspect at every stage of life so that the balance is maintained rather than being emotional and taking a single side view with short horizon.

Country: india
i am a mother of a 7 month old baby and want to get back to work. my problem is that since i have been the only person looking after her since she was born my baby has suddenly become very clingy towards me and doesnt go to anybody..i am planing to start working in 2 months time and am really worried about how its going to effect her. my parents will be at home to look after her but i would like to know from other much time does a baby usually take to adjust to a day care or an environment where i am not around...please reply..

Name: Nancy
Country: united kingdom
all children are is very difficult to tell how long it will take for your daughter to get used to your parents. i feel the best way is to start earlier on to involve your parents in looking after her and may be after a few weeks, try to leave her for one hour and return. this will give you an idea is to how your daughter is coping in your absence. the last this you want to do is to leave your daughter without her intinal contact with your parents before returning to work.

Name: Tony S
Country: india
it is a v. useful article. encourages more women to start working or go back to work. sometimes the so called familial support can be a bane than a boon. this is because the mil tries to come in between the mother and the baby even when they try to bond. so it is better the baby goes to a good day care center where he can interact with other kids of his age. also the mother should enjoy all the milestones in her baby's life. so the ideal time is to go to work after the baby turns 1 year.

Name: Urmi
Country: india
i am a working mother as my mother was. and have not faced any problem so far in raising my baby. though she is still a baby she already knows when ma leaves and comes back and can mix with others freely.

Name: Sidra
Country: india
i have been working since my son was 4 months old. i think & believe that a woman should be independent - financially. i agree that family support is most important for a working mother & i also understand the role & importance of a grandparent. my husband & i both take equal responsibility in bringing up our son. he feeds him, bathes him & puts him to sleep also. this is a very big help. this way our child is close to both his parents. even though there may be days when i feel pangs of guilt, i try to spend enough quality time with my son. it can be reading a story or playing with him & his cars or singing nursery rhymes. he's two years old & we enjoy taking him out with us - whether its grocery shopping or to the beach. parents -and the word includes mother & father - have a joint responsibility of bringing up the child & instilling good values. i dont believe that only stay -at home mom's can be good mothers. whats important is to create a loving atosmophere at home, spend time with the child which he can relish & be positive in your approach. also please dont get worried or get eaten by guilt - its useless.

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