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Bed-wetting in Older Children

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Are you looking for a solution for the problem of bed wetting in older children? Read on to find out bed wetting causes in older children and some remedies for bed wetting in older children. Bed wetting at an older age can often be an embarrassing problem for these children.

Bedwetting is natural in infants and and common in small children too, but sometimes the problem persists even as the children grow older. Statistics show that by age 10, 95% of children are able to stay dry through the night but sometimes for a few children the problem persists even as they grow older.

Bedwetting in older children can often turn out to be an embarrassing problem for the child.

It is seen that bedwetting is more common in boys and many a time hereditary.

The problem of bed wetting can be very difficult for an older child as he is not confident of staying dry.

At times, in these children bedwetting also happens during the day.

It has been seen that many a times, the problem of bedwetting runs in the family.

Bedwetting in older children is caused due to slow maturation of the nerves that supply the bladder. Hence, the child is unable to understand when the bladder is full and feel the sensation.

Causes of bed wetting could also be due to a physical disorder or a psychological problem.

Very rarely, in about 1 to 2 % of the cases, bed-wetting may be due to a physical disorder, mostly urinary tract infection.

Bedwetting is occasionally due to a psychological problem also, either in the child or possibly another family member.

Bed-wetting in older children can often be a problem especially in situations where the child has plans to go and stay in a friend's house. At such times, it is often wished that this problem did not exist because the social life of the child gets affected.

But, bed wetting can be dealt with and safe bed wetting cures do exist to solve this problem.

This problem can be dealt with by many techniques, but parents must remember that the same technique which worked for another child may not necessarily work for your child.

Providing counselling to the child is helpful many a time to treat bed-wetting in older children. If the problem is emotional or psychological, counselling can help. Initiative for counseling can be taken by parents themselves and they should encourage their child to express themselves freely to them.

The child should practice some exercises which will help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. The child should also practice control over the bladder which is a therapy to treat bed-wetting in older children.

Using vinyl covers is also helpful. Purchase vinyl covers and vinyl pillow covers too as placing these over your child's mattress helps to prevent the mattress from getting spoilt.

Nowadays, there are special bed wetting alarms available for this problem. These alarms which need to be placed on the pants or on the pad of the mattress contain a sensor which goes off, when moisture is detected. Thus, the child is alerted and wakes up. However, this method has a high rate of relapse hence it would need to be repeated many times also in some cases.

Children should avoid drinking fluids before going to sleep in the night. Especially, caffeinated beverages should be avoided.

Children should make it a point to visit the bathroom before going to bed in the night.

If bedwetting in older children persists or is being a problem, you can contact your local doctor. Many a times, parents are hesitant to give their children medicines or drugs prescribed by the doctors due to fear of side-effects or desire or unwillingness to prescribe children drugs for extended period of time.

Parents should also be understanding towards the child in such cases. It is natural that some parents may feel angry with the child, but the parent should try not to shout at the child and be sympathetic with the child. If the child is feeling upset, the parents should try to pacify and reassure the child.

If the child is doing it purposely, instead of showing anger or being upset, just ignore it.

Bed-wetting in older children must be dealt with appropriately and all care must be taken to see that the dignity of the child is maintained. Care must be taken to see that no situation takes place where the child gets embarrassed in front of outsiders or public as this can be a very painful experience and a bad memory for the child.

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Fred.2 years ago
Bedwetting Shop in India provides innovative solutions to bedwetting problem. We used bedwetting alarm for our son and he stopped wetting the bed in 3 weeks. Great stuff!
Fiona.2 years ago
I too tried Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm for my 6 years old daughter and amanzingly she stopped bedwetting in 3 weeks with no relapse. Great product, value for money!
.2 years ago
I too tried Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm for my 6 years old daughter and amanzingly she stopped bedwetting in 3 weeks with no relapse. Great product, value for money!
Rimi Tomy.3 years ago
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fdfd.3 years ago
Caroline.3 years ago
my son has bed wetting problem from a long time and this article has come as a respite for me. I am now aware that there are more children like my son who have this problem. My son is not alone and i know that he will soon overcome his problem.
Jenny D.3 years ago
I like this article very much as it had addressed the issue of bed wetting. I was searching for information on this problem and i came across this site. this site has many more informative articles.
Baden.3 years ago
Do sons learn bladder control much later than girls? My son is 6 years old but still wets the bed especially at night.
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