Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

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Read some interesting fancy dress ideas for Indian kids. You will find a list of characters you can dress up your child as. Read about how to dress up and prepare your child for a fancy dress competition. Go through this list of fancy dress ideas and get your child all dressed up fancifully.

Fancy Dress competitions are an exciting time for children. Many schools hold fancy dress competitions in school. All children like to win competitions in school, but it is only one child who will win the prize. Read some of these fancy dress ideas for children and dress up your little one.
One good method to choose a character is to ask the child only what they would like to dress up like. In this way the child will enjoy the fancy dress competition and be very happy.

Best Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

These are some nice fancy dress ideas for kids:

Animals and Birds
Zebra, Cat, Crow, Dinosaur, Butterfly, Horse, Peacock, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Snail, Honey Bee, Chicken.

Role Play
Cricketer, Soldier, Policeman, Nurse, Doctor, Astronaut, Priest, Joker, Princess or Queen, Prince or King, Nun, Beggar, Thief or Convict, Fireman, Chef, Pirate, Postman, Ghost, Witch, Fairy, Villager.

SuperMan, Batman, Tarzan, Krish.

Christmas & Nativity
Angel, Santa Claus, Christmas tree

Children can be made to dress up like famous national leaders, politicians, and other famous personalities.

Gandhiji, Jawarharlal Nehru, King Akbar, Shivaji Maharaj, Tipu Sultan, Hitler, Einstein.

Regional Costumes
Children can be made to dress up like a native of a particular State of India.

Rajasthani boy or girl, Kashmiri boy or girl, South Indian boy or girl, Punjabi boy or girl, Gujarati boy or girl.

Cartoon Characters

Mickey Mouse, Tweety, Red Riding Hood, Mermaid, Choota Bheem, Sponge Bob, Tom or Jerry (Tom & Jerry Fame).

Indian Gods and Saints
Hanuman, Krishna, Raavana, Ram, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba, Lord Ganesha, Lord Jesus, Mother Merry, Goddess Durga.

Other fancy Dress Ideas
Burger, Fries, Scarecrow, Candy Box, Jelly Bag, Robot, Egg, Toothpaste, Noodles, Candy Bar, Castle, Washing Machine, Doll, Sun, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers.

Children can be dressed up like vegetables and fruits like pineapple, green or red apple and even flowers.

Fancy Dress Competition Preparation

There are many shops from where dresses for fancy dress can be bought. Many shops also give fancy dress costumes on rent. The child should be dressed up in a costume which can inspire him and build his confidence. When the child is dressed up in a costume, parents must also teach something about that character to the child. In this way, the child is able to understand about the character and can present himself or herself well on the stage. A child should be taught to aim to be the winner of the competition. However, at the same time they should be taught not to lose heart and feel upset if they do not win because participating is more important.

Apart from the costumes, you will also have to pay attention to other details. Accessories must also be added and make-up must be done to give a proper and complete look to the character the child is portraying. If necessary, make your child wear a wig also to achieve that perfect look. Even a mask can be worn. Do not forget to carry a camera to click photographs.

In fact, children must be encouraged to participate in fancy dress competitions so that they get confidence to speak in front of a large audience. Participating in competitions will help to remove stage fear in a child.

Fancy Dress for Kids

Schools must invite parents, siblings and relatives of children to come and support the children. Schools must try to give prizes to as many children as possible. Prizes for “Most unique character”, "Fanciest dress” and other titles like these should be given out to make the maximum number of children win prizes.

Fancy dress is a competition in which every child can participate. Unlike singing, dancing and sports competitions where only some children are able to participate, this is a competition in which all children can participate.
Fancy dress is a very interesting competition which evokes a lot of humour and is very enjoyable also. Fancy dress is a competition which is very colourful and full of life. Normally, it is a practice that only mothers attend the competition and fathers do not attend because of their office or other work. Fathers should also attend the competition and for this reason schools must also try to hold the competitions on a Saturday or Sunday.

So, if your child is participating in a fancy dress competition make sure you go to their school to watch the competition. It is fun to watch all the little children dressed up in various costumes. Parents must not miss out on this event and must be there to encourage and support their little one and make it a memorable day for them.

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